Testimonials – French

It was a very pleasant stay at Appletree in August 2015. Caren and her husband were so nice and friendly, I never felt like a stranger. We baked together and had some really nice and also profound conversations during the meals.

Caren designed the daily curriculum in a way that fitted my personal needs – I did a lot of exercises to improve my weaknesses and learned some advanced grammar to develop my strengths. The daily homework was good to consolidate the acquired knowledge.


Jana, from Munich, Germany

As I was preparing myself for a career change, I felt my English needed to be refreshed. I wanted to give myself the best chance to succeed in moving on to another job.

I had had previous experiences of learning languages in schools abroad. This time, I knew I needed something different. I could only allow me a couple of weeks for this project and I wanted my progress to be as quick as possible, which meant full immersion and one to one courses. I started looking on the Internet for homestay formulas. By chance, I came across Appletree Homestay English Tuition, Caren's website. (more…)

Angélique, from Geneva, Switzerland

I visited this course last November for 2 weeks. I’m very pleased that I could know Caren and her husband Nicholas. The lessons with Caren were constructed with many things like reading, writing, English grammar, conversation. I had a lot of homework and I could practise English in my room and prepare for the next day’s lesson.
The house is beautiful and my room was very comfortable. I loved the food that Caren and Nicholas prepared for me every day. I am very glad that I found Appletree tuition and now I've already booked for December and January.

Martin, from Bratislava, Slovakia 

I would like to tell you that my time at Appletree was really wonderful. The classes were really good. I learnt a lot in a week in an enjoyable way. Caren chose materials and contents suitable for me, and I think that this is one of the secrets to improve quickly. The immersion is total.

The place is a beautiful house with a splendid room for me where I felt very comfortable and a beautiful garden that I will never forget. The accommodation was really fantastic. Richmond and the surroundings, including Kew Gardens, is an incredible place. Nature is everywhere, and it is well connected with London too.


Olga, from Bilbao, Spain

Thank you for this very special English course. I learned so much in the one week, and I can't believe how much I enjoyed the English food. The combination of English classes, speaking English the whole day and eating well, in the evening enjoying a glass of wine is the best way to learn English and to get a good feeling for the language. The accommodation is very pretty. I like to come again, and I only can recommend this English course by Caren and her husband. Five stars!

Reinhard, from Munich, Germany

Appletree has been the biggest experience that really has transformed my English learning, and I couldn't be happier with it. I have attended there three times since August and I would say everything is a combination of a very professional looking and a kind and supportive atmosphere. Caren Rettie has the most suitable high-level experience for teaching English Language for foreigners.

Victoria, from Getxo, Spain.

I spent 12 days in spring last year at the private school of Caren. I remember with joy the wonderful company at mealtimes. The conversation with Caren and Nicholas was so friendly, I learned a lot about the English culture, the cooking, the politics and not least the English humour.

The learning happened all the time, on walks with Caren in the huge Richmond Park or when sitting under the blooming apple tree. And in the class hours I have learned a lot of grammar, I am happy to fill up the gaps in my English language. (more…)

Katharina, from Taegerwilen, Switzerland

I have the pleasure to stay at Caren’s cosy house for two weeks, taking the tuition program. Going there is the best decision I have ever taken related to my English learning. She gave me all the confidence I needed to develop my knowledge. She made me feel like if I was at my own home. And the teaching was fantastic. Caren is very patient, knows exactly which parts she has to make you reinforce in your learning, and everything in a lovely environment. She is a real professional and I could realise why such a lot of people want to learn with her.

Ignacio, from Zaragoza, Spain

Caren is the best tutor I ever had. She is very professional, with structured approach. Unique hospitable atmosphere is guaranteed. I highly recommend Appletree to individuals or corporate clients.

Julia, from Moscow, Russia

As a teacher of English from Switzerland with a long teaching experience I was looking for a ‘tailor made’ course of English and teacher training, on a one-to-one basis.

Studying and living with Caren fully met my expectations. I especially profited from her NLP experience and her long term teaching knowledge. I liked Caren’s engagement, her responsive and sensitive teaching methods and her ability to adapt to my needs.

The beautiful accommodation, the lovely food, and all the interesting free time activities made my stay unforgettable.

Karin, from Guettingen, Switzerland