I would like to tell you that my time at Appletree was really wonderful. The classes were really good. I learnt a lot in a week in an enjoyable way. Caren chose materials and contents suitable for me, and I think that this is one of the secrets to improve quickly. The immersion is total.

The place is a beautiful house with a splendid room for me where I felt very comfortable and a beautiful garden that I will never forget. The accommodation was really fantastic. Richmond and the surroundings, including Kew Gardens, is an incredible place. Nature is everywhere, and it is well connected with London too.

I can remember in a friendly way, the mealtimes with Caren and Nicholas, they were so kind and charming. To sum up, I would say that Caren is a perfect teacher and host. The whole experience was delightful to me.

Olga, from Bilbao, Spain