As I was preparing myself for a career change, I felt my English needed to be refreshed. I wanted to give myself the best chance to succeed in moving on to another job.

I had had previous experiences of learning languages in schools abroad. This time, I knew I needed something different. I could only allow me a couple of weeks for this project and I wanted my progress to be as quick as possible, which meant full immersion and one to one courses. I started looking on the Internet for homestay formulas. By chance, I came across Appletree Homestay English Tuition, Caren's website.

She seemed to be exactly the kind of teacher I was looking for, serious, highly qualified and offering tailor-made programmes. On the pictures, her house looked very nice too. I also liked the idea of staying in Richmond, a charming town upon the Thames, close to London (20 minutes by train) but actually not in London, hence more quiet and peaceful.
To tell the truth, my experience at Appletree Homestay English Tuition went far beyond all my expectations. First of all, Caren is the best teacher you could ever dream of. She is incredibly committed, very professional and extremely encouraging. She is always there when you need her. She prepares all her lessons very thoroughly, mixing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation exercises, and conversation in such a dynamic way that she will never lose your attention. After my first week of 4 hours daily lessons and the additional homework, I had already experienced tremendous improvements with my English. After two weeks, I had regained all my confidence, I was speaking fluently and writing more easily than never before.

That's not all. If I made the most of my Richmond experience, it is also because Caren and her husband, Nicholas, proved to be outstanding hosts. They are kind, generous, interesting and very open-minded. It is a pleasure and an enrichment to chat with them. Furthermore, they cook excellent, varied and healthy meals. Their house and the garden are gorgeous; I had my own room and bathroom, both very comfortable. They really make you feel at home at their place, and to be honest, I felt pretty sad to leave them at the end of my stay.

Angélique, from Geneva, Switzerland