L’anglais des affaires

English for Business and Work


You will study essential Business English skills, such as the language of presentations and meetings; negotiations; expressing opinions; writing business emails, and how to communicate at work and socially.

Interview English

You will gain expertise and confidence for interviews in English. Coaching includes interview techniques and preparing applications, as well as the language.

Hotels & Restaurants

Improve your career prospects in the hospitality industry with specialist English language training. Caren develops your language skills through activities that reflect modern hotel-keeping. Challenging tasks encourage you to sharpen your guest relations and communication skills

Exam preparation

If you already have a good knowledge of English, and want to study for a qualification such as Cambridge First Certificate (CFE) or IELTS, this course is for you.

English and NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers you some of the most powerful communications skills available.  In this course you will practise your English while learning techniques to improve your personal and professional performance. Courses are tailor-made to your needs.

Professional development for English teachers

If you are a language teacher and want to:

  • refresh your skills
  • develop your language lessons and courses in a structured way
  • use NLP techniques to facilitate learning for your students

programmes can be specially prepared for you.