Case Studies

"To progress in my profession I needed to improve my English pronunciation. I learnt in one week with Caren what would have taken me 3 months in an academy in Spain. I want to come every year!"

Chon, Marketing Director, Spain

What Chon needed most was a foundation in verbal communication skills. After a few days, Chon felt more confident and could participate in English conversation. Some work on pronunciation, tonality and syntax brought quick results. During our afternoon leisure activities we practised and consolidated what was learnt during the mornings.

"A perfect host and teacher, your personal investment turned a conventional English residential course into a very friendly and high quality human relationship"

Jean-Luc, Air Traffic Controller, France

Jean-Luc's job required him to communicate accurately and his English was already very good. His fluency improved significantly after only a few days of total immersion in the language. He became far more flexible in his use of vocabulary and structure.


"I enjoyed myself from the first day to the end and learned a lot. You are so kind and I felt like one of the family. I have been very happy I could stay in such a nice house, eat English food. You are my British mum & dad"

Yuko, law student, Japan

Although able to communicate very well in everyday situations Yuko needed to improve her pronunciation and tonality. Her aim was to 'sound more British'. By the end of the week Yuko was using more sophisticated vocabulary, incorporating some idioms and even proverbs into her conversation.

"I can't believe how much I learned in only a week, my grandchildren are very impressed! When I visit the family next year I will also return to learn some more with Caren and go to the Chelsea Flower Show"

Roswitha, travel agent, Switzerland

Roswitha's son had settled in England with his young family, and she wanted to be able to communicate with her grandchildren in English. Roswitha remembered some school English but it was patchy, and so we started at the beginnning and went at a fast pace. A neuro-linguistic analysis revealed that her preferred learning style was visual and I reflected this preference in my teaching.


"The course was exactly what I needed for my career. Every foreigner should take such a course before working in the hotel business in England. Learning with Caren was fun - not like school at all!"

Harry, starting out in the hotel business, Germany

After finishing his hotel management training, Harry wanted to work at reception at a London hotel. He needed hotel-specific vocabulary, to improve his fluency and comprehension, and to gain confidence for the language of 'guest relations'. We built up Harry's listening and communication skills using realistic auditory resources and roleplays.