Everyday English

Caren's approach

Caren will test your linguistic ability through an initial assessment of your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

She will assess how you learn best and choose lesson materials and content suitable for you.

The content, pace and focus of your learning will depend on your particular interests and skills, making it an enjoyable experience.


Everyday English

Caren tailors her teaching to your linguistic level, preferred style of learning and your interests. With her 1:1 English lessons you will make quick progress, learning in a way that suits you. 

Total immersion

Conversations at mealtimes and during the day will help you gain confidence, practise, and speak more fluent English.

Typical content

The course will cover conversation and written communication skills, reading, listening, grammar work and pronunciation, using a wide range of memory building methods and interesting, relevant resources.

Course duration

You will find you improve very quickly as Caren uses accelerated and neuro-linguistic learning techniques. Courses can last one week or ten days.

You will learn about British culture, traditions, etiquette and idiosyncracies. Topics will be relevant to everyday life. Caren can also prepare you for Cambridge examinations if desired.